Exhibition and Benchmarking of Task-Motion Planners

Organizers: Neil Dantam, Fabien Lagriffoul and Lydia Kavraki

Website: http://www.neil.dantam.name/2018/rss-tmp-workshop/

This workshop will promote direct comparisons between methods for Task and Motion Planning (TMP). Complex robot behavior requires both discrete decisions and continuous motions. TMP combines discrete and continuous decision-making and reasons about the interaction of these two domains. TMP is an active research topic with related work proceeding in the robotics, AI, and formal methods communities. However, varying focus and assumptions between planners currently limit direct comparisons. At this workshop, we will present and discuss benchmark tests and results for TMP. The focus of this workshop will not be on the specific performance of each planner, but rather on the suitability of the benchmark tests and how to go about comparing different TMP systems.