Towards a framework for Joint Action: What about Theory of Mind?

Organizers: Aurélie Clodic, Sandra Lasry, Víctor Fernández Castro, Bilge Mutlu, Chien-Ming Huang and Rachid Alami


How do people share their attention, intention, task, goal in a collaborative task? Could theory of mind and underlying models help to get some expectations about them? How this is or can be applied to our domain of human-robot interaction? What should contain or not a theory of mind model, what is part of norms that we follow could help us to understand other's mind without the need to explicitly model it? This workshop wants to gather answers for these questions and to raise interesting discussion and exchange around them. This workshop is part of ""toward a framework for Joint Action"" series ( that aims to give philosophers, psychologists and roboticists a venue to discuss and share their knowledge and questions.